forty-eight k builds apps for smart phones and tablets

Dirkje - DJ - Lentiggini

This App offers resellers insight in their current and past orders. Outstanding invoices can be paid within the App. Also, the webshop can be accessed.

Innr LightController

Control your Innr lights intuitively with the Innr LightController App. This App was developed for Innr Lighting.


iSjoel is a game based on the popular Dutch party game sjoelen. This App was the most popular App in the Dutch App Store for several weeks. Now you can play this old Dutch game on your iOS and Android smart phone and tablet.



At forty-eight k we believe that a pleasant cooperation and a successful project execution is based on  good communication. Through frequent feedback we make sure that in each phase of the project we move in the same direction. During the build phase we will regularly provide you with a version so you can monitor the progress and adjust if necessary.

We are very flexible at forty-eight k. In case you have just a vague idea for an App, we are happy to help you elaborate this idea. In case you already have a fully worked out idea and design, we are happy to build that App for you.



forty-eight k designs and builds apps for Apple smart phones and tablets. We help you realize your App from the very first idea up until the publication in the App store. Together with a network of professionals in both the technical and the graphical design field, we have all the expertise to turn your idea into a successful App.

forty-eight k was founded by Sander Brugmans, an experienced software engineer with a passion for his craft. De company's name was inspired by the computer on which he wrote his first program, the sinclair zx spectrum 48k.

Heeze - Noord Brabant - The Netherlands